Ocean Conservation Research

Ocean Conservation Research is focused on understanding the energy and noise impacts of the industrialization of the ocean, and its consequences on marine life. They engage in marine biological and technological research based on conservation priorities. They also use the products of this research to inform the policies and practices of the public, industry, and lawmakers so that we may all become stewards of the sea.

New York Marine Rescue Center

In the past 5 years, I’ve created four separate designs for the New York Marine Rescue Center focused on apparel for cold stun sea turtle and seal patrollers, educating the public on the threat of boats to sea turtles, and supporting the rehabilitation and release of all rescued marine creatures. This cause is near and dear to my heart as I spent 2 years interning/volunteering at the NYMRC during college at Stony Brook University.

Manta Trust

100% of profits from this collaboration go to The Manta Trust, supporting their mission of turning the tide for these enigmatic rays, by coordinating global research and conservation efforts around manta rays, their relatives, and their habitats.

Coastal Steward Long Island

100% of profits from the sale of this design go to Coastal Steward LI, a non-profit dedicated to restoring and preserving Long Island's coastline through education, raising public awareness, and community action.

Logo Designs

I'm excited to be working on various creative designs whether they be for logos, watermarks, or merch!

Here is my latest logo for @alecleitmanphotography!

Interested in a design or logo?