Sydney Bell is an American internationally selling Artist, Photographer, Dive Professional, Ocean Advocate, and Coral Biologist who is on a life long mission to save our seas through a combination of art, science, and conservation. She creates art inspired by her underwater adventures and prints them on sustainable materials to raise awareness for conservation efforts near and dear to her heart.


Art speaks to the soul, providing a way to evoke positive change in the world. My art and inspiration is driven by the desire to share the beautiful organisms I see with others, educate the public on these organisms, and aid in their conservation.

In the past 5 years that I have been selling my ocean art, I have raised close to $10,000 for various ocean conservation nonprofits. I have donated to The Bimini Sharklab, The Black Fish, Sea Shepherd, Ocean Cleanup, Cousteau Society, Coral Restoration Foundation, Orca Conservancy, Manta Trust, Coastal Steward Long Island, The Hooper Collective, National Geographic's Pristine Seas, Oceana, MISS Elasmo, Pacific Rim Conservation, Surfrider, Reef Check, 5 Gyres, Mote Marine Lab, Wildlife Warriors, and NY Marine Rescue Center.

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100% of CO2 emissions are offset. All apparel is also printed with water-based ink, printed on cotton or recycled plastic, made per order to reduce waste, shipped in post-consumer recycled materials, and created with recycled water. Read more here.

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