Woman-run, small business focused on engaging the public in ocean conservation through marine life art and sustainable products that speak to the heart.

My name is Sydney, I’m 23, and I started Tidal Tees Apparel (now SLB Art Co) during my senior year of high school to raise awareness about the many problems facing our ocean. For as long as I can remember, I've loved the ocean (even though I grew up nowhere near it in Western New York) and have wanted to be a marine biologist since the 3rd grade. I always thought that I couldn't help our ocean until I had a degree but five years ago that all changed when I realized I could make a positive difference in the world by combining my love of art with my love for the ocean. 

Art speaks to the human soul and gives me, as the artist, a way to share the ocean's hidden wonders with those around the world and fight for its conservation. While lately I have been doing a lot of digital art and photography, I also enjoy painting, sketching, and creating large chalk art pieces/murals. I hope this page has inspired you to take action for the planet and has taught you something new about the big blue.

Still chasing my dreams of being a coral biologist, I am on my way to Australia to begin my Ph.D. studying coral algal symbionts at James Cook University. This opportunity will without a doubt spark inspiration and the creation of even more impactful art. You can follow my journey here and @slbartco.

Best fishes,

Sydney Bell


Last updated 3/12/22